VSR Cylinder Kit OR 90 / VSR-10

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Contents :
# Cylinder
# Cylinder head
# Piston(90 degree end)
# Spring guide

Piston and SP guide are required VSR original Dia.Spring.

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Contents :
# Cylinder
# Cylinder head
# Piston(90degree end) (Original spring size)
# Spring guide (Original spring size)

Piston and SP guide are required TM VSR original dia. Spring.

[New Style Cylinder]
Reinforced the durability, to prevent from falling off the bolt handle , we combined the body and end parts by thread.
After combined,we machine the small bolt to prevent from rotation.

This material is Stainless steel 304(body) and end parts is Stainless steel 303.We want to be black finish,so processed “ISONITE┬«”
“ISONITE” is a high-performance variety of salt bath nitriding process. It is also known as Tufftride┬« and Liquid/Salt Bath Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC) process. It is a thermochemical diffusion process whereby nitrogen-bearing salts generate a controlled release of nitrogen at the interface of a ferrous part.





#Low Material Distortion Following Treatment
#Greater Resistance To abrasion And seizure
#Fatigue Endurance is Extended
#Pitting Resistance is Increased 50% to 100%
#Heat Resistance
#Corrosion Resistance
#Material Tensile Strength and Stiffness Are Enhanced
#Improved Durability

[Strong Piston]
Made of Aluminium in BLUE which is processed anodizing.
Head & Spacer Ring are POM. We aimed the head needs to be absorved impacts.
So you can change this parts if feel damaged. And Spacer Ring will be centering smooth.
The end parts,made of Stainless steel.This shape is 90 degree for custom Trigger unit.
If you want to change the end to 45 degree,you can change anytime. This piston needs VSR original dia spring.




[Tapered Cylinder Head]
Made of Stainless steel. This head has a big taper to create compressed air effectively.So FPS tends to go up.



[Smooth Spring Guide]
Made of Stainless steel. This guide has smooth shaft and has a ring to prevent from spring twisting when pull the bolt

VSR OR spring guide

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