HOP CHAMBER Ver.3.0 / VSR-10

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VSR-10 HOP Chamber Ver.3.0
Need AEG inner barrel , AEG rubber & Marui Original adjustment bar

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We developed New chamber for VSR-10.

I’m Tomo, worked at PDI for 10 years.
Then I’ve tried to develop some chambers until Ver 2.0
But some high end users want me to improve “how to adjust HOP level” and “be single HOP bar”
Ver.2.0 , we need to detach the MAG to adjust the HOP level (adjust from bottom of the stock).
Not easy way.
Ver.3.0 , I redesigned using Marui original adjust lever (from side)
Not detach MAG,very quickly. And single bar, the operation is improved.

VSR chamber
How to operate “HOP adjsutment”
Ver3.0 chamber , please use Marui Original HOP lever from outside.
push the lever to forward, HOP level become weak.
pull the lever to back side, HOP level become strong.


Not VSR inner barrel “Type of AEG inner barrel”
This chamber is required AEG rubber and AEG inner barrel.
If you use it for G-spec, the length is 303mm.
If you use it for Pro sniper, the length is 430mm.

VSR chamber

Double Ball Stopper
This chamber has 2 ball stoppers so BB will hold 3 axis (from MAG and 2 stopper)
We machined stopper from Aluminium againstĀ  wearing.
And did some tests, not affect to BB as damages ,scraches and cracks.
But I know everyone want softer material as POM,so later we make it and sell separately as additional upgrades.

Instruction is inside the box
This chamber has an instruction in the box so you can read and check before doing upgrades.

chamber box

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